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Taking the im out of impossible with career and life coaching from Matthew Hatson

Life and Executive

Thinking about making a big change in your life and career? Want to boost your performance in your current role? I will ensure that you make the right decision for the right reasons, and you are excited to make that next step.

Anxiety and Worry

Anxiety and worry can take up so much energy that there’s little left for anything else. I specialise in resolving patterns of anxiety and worry using proven therapeutic techniques.

Stress and Resilience: Living in extreme conditions

Stress and Resilience

Struggling to cope with what life is throwing at you? Stress affects our wellbeing and ability to make good decisions. I coach people back from burnout to happiness and high performance.


Matthew Hatson

I help people who have lost their way from realising their potential in life. Whether it’s a career that seems stuck on autopilot, or that your life just doesn’t seem to be the one that you dreamed about when you were young. We can’t always control what life throws at us, but we can control how we respond. And sometimes we need a little help with that, and that’s where I come in. Together we remove those things that are stucking you, so you can take control of your life and make your dreams come true.


What People say

Ana Araque

Ana Araque


“Coaching with Matt has been transformational. When I look back over the last seven months I’m surprised at how far I’ve come and how much more in control of my future I feel. I feel positive and relaxed about my life and career, and I’ve seen huge shifts in my decision-making, relationships and my ability to successfully handle stressful and busy periods without them affecting my wellbeing.”

Stress and Anxiety Coaching

Lee De Souza

Anxiety and Stress Coaching

“Matt helped me cope during a high workload and a difficult project where and took me from almost burnout to feeling normal again.

What he does works, and is backed up with science and technology as well as simple, practical ideas. 

I can’t thank you enough!”

Amanda Menahem

Amanda Menahem

Life & Career Coaching

“Matt is one of those coaches who is just a natural at it. He has a sharp and enquiring mind, an outstanding ability to truly listen to the whole person beyond merely the words spoken, and years of experience and training in various forms of evidenced based coaching techniques. I am always been struck by his insight and ability to move my thinking forward. Matt is caring, empathetic and intuitive. He is unique. I cant recommend him highly enough.”

Marie Stacey

Marie Stacey

Anxiety and Stress COACHING

“Matt helped me press the reset button and become a better version of my old self. With Matt’s coaching, I now understand what my stress triggers are and how to deal with them in advance of any potentially stressful situation. I now have more resilience to deal with stress in all aspects of life including the workplace and sporting competitions, and take everything in my stride.”


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