Date Archives May 2020

How to build stress resilient teams

Stress is rampant in modern life. Work stress, life stress, relationship stress, environmental stress and social stress. Whatever the stress and wherever it comes from, it takes its toll on our mental and physical health. It even reduces our IQ!!

In this webinar, presented back in 2018, I explain what stress is, how it affects our bodies and our minds, and how it manifests itself in drops in performance, using research.

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Would you rather sit still or be electrocuted?

In a 2014 study, participants were given a choice between sitting in silence with their own thoughts for 15 minutes or giving themselves electric shocks. Most chose to shock themselves.

In this article I explain the experiment and why it is so many of us today can’t bear the idea of sitting alone for nothing to do, even for a few minutes. And I’ll show you why this is a simple test for the state of your mental health.

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