In this video I’ll demonstrate a simple technique that you can use to reduce anxiety.

It’s not a cure but actually regular practice will help slow down your anxiety response to things, so it’s a quick and effective technique that you can use.

Our understanding of the science behind anxiety is improving daily, and brain scan studies have shown that anxiety only occurs in one hemisphere of the brain.

So, If you force both hemispheres of the brain to communicate with each other, then the state of anxiety can be reduced.

This technique was developed by Andrew Austin, the developer of Integral Eye Movement Therapy.

So find yourself a ball of some kind and some space.
Here’s what you do:

Step 1 – Conjure up the state of anxiety.

Of course, if you are already anxious then you don’t need to do further conjuring.

Just note how strong the anxiety is. 1 is hardly at all and 10 being unbearable.

Step 2 – Hold your hands out in front of you, elbows bent as if you were holding a tray.

Now toss the ball back and forth between your hands.
The ball must cross in front of you as you catch and throw.

Only move the arm that has the ball.

Keep thinking about the anxiety as you throw the ball from hand to hand.

When it becomes difficult to think about the anxiety, stop and see what score you would give it.

You should see the score go down.

If the anxiety is still bothering you, then start again.

The reduction in anxiety is temporary, because your brain is used to holding the anxiety in only one half, so it will try to go back to old anxiety habits, but if you use this technique you will get more awareness of your anxious state of mind, and then you can use other longer term techniques such as Heartmath to reduce it further.

You can even do it in public walking around. All you need is a ball of some sort. It’s a socially acceptable method of managing anxiety, and you could even learn to juggle if you want to take it further; juggling is an incredibly relaxing past time. Well, once you’ve mastered it!

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