Life and Career Coaching

you are what you think about,
so to change your life,
change your thinking

Even the most successful people get stuck once in a while. The difference is often that the highest achievers in life, work and sport have coaches. Coaches give them the perspective to address the thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that are holding them back.

So when you’re feeling stuck, working with me will unstick you and give you the perspective, tools and confidence to make that next step.

So whether you’re looking to move in to a new career, start your own business or simply take living to the next level, it’s time to give me a call.


Matthew Hatson

I’m a qualified Advanced IEMT (Integral Eye Movement Therapy) Practitioner in addition to qualifications  in a range of other highly effective therapeutic techniques, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner & Trainer, Multiple Brain Integration (MBIT) Coach, Heartmath Coach and Muse Coach.

I’ve worked with a wide range of clients with issues such as anxiety, stress, burnout, depression, phobias and work with both individuals and businesses to help people get the very best out of their lives and careers.

Matthew Hatson Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner

Do I need a Career or Life Coach?

Think about your current status in your professional or personal life. Do you feel that you’ve missed out on opportunities because you’re afraid to take action? 

If your confidence isn’t where it should be or you are having trouble charting a course because you’re too close to your problems to see the next steps, I can help you find clarity and guide you to a more proactive path. 

The many “shoulds” that you encounter every day can cloud your judgment, and it’s my job ofto understand what you really want and to help you figure out how to get it. 


What People say

Ana Araque

Ana Araque


“Coaching with Matt has been transformational. When I look back over the last seven months I’m surprised at how far I’ve come and how much more in control of my future I feel. I feel positive and relaxed about my life and career, and I’ve seen huge shifts in my decision-making, relationships and my ability to successfully handle stressful and busy periods without them affecting my wellbeing.”

Amanda Wright

Amanda Wright

Anxiety and Stress Coaching

“Matt really helped me to get into my mind and work out the many issues which i was experiencing without actually knowing that i was. I was consciously telling myself that i was fine, but it turns out i needed some guidance to help me fulfil my potential in business. Matt literally put my mind on a board and then provided me with some really valuable techniques to set my mind and body up for the day ahead, which i now use every day. I’m no longer stressed over certain things that i cannot control.”

Amanda Menahem

Amanda Menahem

Life & Career Coaching

“Matt is one of those coaches who is just a natural at it. He has a sharp and enquiring mind, an outstanding ability to truly listen to the whole person beyond merely the words spoken, and years of experience and training in various forms of evidenced based coaching techniques. I am always been struck by his insight and ability to move my thinking forward. Matt is caring, empathetic and intuitive. He is unique. I cant recommend him highly enough.”

Marie Stacey

Marie Stacey

Anxiety and Stress COACHING

“Matt helped me press the reset button and become a better version of my old self. With Matt’s coaching, I now understand what my stress triggers are and how to deal with them in advance of any potentially stressful situation. I now have more resilience to deal with stress in all aspects of life including the workplace and sporting competitions, and take everything in my stride.”

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