Every Once in a while I get asked a great question, and I thought you might find the question and the answer worthy of publication.

Neuvana Xen and Oura? A great combination?

“You’ve now been using it for nearly 4 months and I was wondering if you’ve seen even more gains and still feel it’s worth investing in.

I was also considering adding it to a purchase of the Oura ring.

Do you feel that is an important addition?

One last question… I’ would like to track my HRV for among other things, how my body reacts to foods, etc. Oura? WHOOP?

You did not mention that you were paid to endorse any products so I trust your opinion on the matter. Thank you in advance for your honest opinion!”

My response

Thanks for your email. And what great questions!
Indeed I have been using the Neuvana Xen for the last four months and I still use it regularly. Though not necessarily every day, but most days.
During the 30 day trial I used it religiously twice a day for 25 minutes, and saw significant increases in my HRV.
My HRV continues to be high and my recovery time from work, exercise etc., is rapid. 
As for the Oura ring, you’ve probably seen me wearing one in my videos. It is a great piece of tech for monitoring daily HRV but not for tracking food response.
Because Oura doesn’t allow you to measure HRV “on demand”, which you need for food intolerance detection.
For food intolerance detection I would recommend both Welltory (which is free) or a Polar Chest Strap and Sweetbeat HRV.
Both are designed to measure HRV before and after a food to help you diagnose intolerances.
In my opinion, Welltory being free is a good place to start and would give you insight enough to go to a Medical Practitioner for more detailed testing. I haven’t tested Whoop as I don’t see that it offers value for money unless you are a serious athlete. 
As you suggest, I am not paid for my endorsements. I buy everything I review, and test them thoroughly myself before using with clients.
Hope that helps. Thanks for your question and your time on my website! Be sure to check out my youtube channel and subscribe for more videos on the Neuvana Xen and other resilience-building technology.

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