Did you know that there’s a headband that can improve your focus, reduce your stress and help you sleep better?

In this article I take a first look at the new Niraxx Smart Headband, which uses breakthrough technology to activate your brain’s natural calming and regenerative processes.

The device is the result of a huge body of research on the benefits of Brain Photobiomodulation, also known as Low-Level Light Therapy, which uses red and near-infrared light to stimulate photochemical mechanisms in neural cells and tissues. The Niraxx device uses near-infrared light because near-infrared wavelengths are able to penetrate much deeper than red light. A huge body of research from Niraxx’s research partners that include Harvard University, Massachusetts General Hospital and Wellman Center for Photomedicine show that light therapy has many benefits, including:

Increased Cerebral Blood Flow, increasing the supply of oxygen to the brain and helping to remove carbon dioxide and other waste products from your brain.

Increased ATP Production, Adenosine trisphosphate is an important signaling molecule that acts as a neurotransmitter in both the peripheral and central nervous system. ATP is essential in fuelling good brain function and preventing neurodegeneration.

And Improved Mitochondrial Activity which ensures that brain cells function properly.

http://niraxx.comAdditionally, research suggests that Photobiomodulation appears to promote neurogenesis, the process by which new neurons are formed in the brain. Until recently, scientists believed the adult brain was incapable of neurogenesis. But the adult brain is actually capable of producing new neurons and forming new neural connections. You can change how your brain operates throughout your lifetime. 

So this device really is cutting edge technology that up until now you would have to go to a special clinic to use. The device itself has programs to help you with Mood, Focus, Energy, Stress, Sleep and Libido. So let’s get on to the device itself. 

When you open the box you find a soft elasticated headband with an adjustable strap to fit many sizes of noggin. On the inside there are a series of holes in the fabric, and inside those holes are light emitting diodes, presumably near infrared LEDs similar to those that you see in infrared saunas and sauna blankets. 

On the side you attach the control module which also houses the battery. When it’s on, it’s comfortable enough, and looks wise my kids suggested that I look like an extra from a Star Wars movie.It’s probably not something that I would wear down the street. Though as you only wear it for a maximum of 40 minutes a day, it’s comfortable and fine to wear whilst you’re having your breakfast or watching TV. 

When you switch the device on – and I recommend that you do this before putting it on because there’s no audible beep, only some LEDs to indicate charge, you can then connect to the app. 

The app is pretty straightforward, once you’ve registered, you get to select one of six programs based on outcome, and select a period of up to 40 minutes. Once the device is running you initially notice a warm feeling on your forehead. This itself is remarkably comforting. 

After a while this feeling goes away and you forget that you’re wearing the headband. So much so that it would be easy to walk off and leave your phone behind, and again I’m not sure yet whether this causes an issue. So, I’m sure you’re wanting to know, does it work? 

So here’s the thing. With most of the devices I test, you can easily measure their efficacy with Heart Rate Variability improvements. This one is a little different, because it’s working on brain health, and I don’t have an easy way to measure that. The scientific research absolutely demonstrates that Photobiomodulation improves brain health, but that doesn’t mean that this device delivers the same benefit. I’ve been using Niraxx every day for a week, primarily on the focus, stress and energy programs, and what I can say is that on the focus program I have absolutely noticed an improvement in my ability to concentrate during and after using the Niraxx. My attention span, problem solving ability and also creative output are definitely improved. But I can’t quantify it. So my initial thought is that this is a device based on solid research that definitely has potential to maintain and even improve brain health. And when our brains are healthy, we make better choices, we’re smarter and more productive, so who wouldn’t want that? 

The Niraxx Brain Pacer is available now on their website for $349. Come back soon for an in-depth review of this new tech. 

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