Are you ready to learn how to be resilient in just sixty seconds? Here goes. Resilience is your capacity to respond to and recover from stress and adversity so that you can still perform in business and your personal life. It’s your body’s inner battery that keeps you going during tough times without burning out. Want three tips to boost your resilience? 

Tip 1 – Get enough sleep. It’s an urban myth that you can survive on less than 7.5 hours’ sleep, the science is undeniable. 

Tip 2 – Measure your stress – use Welltory which is free or Oura which is expensive but brilliant. Welltory – Oura – 

Tip 3 – Balance stressful events like meetings and working late with restorative activities such as sleeing, walking and being out in the fresh air. 

Remember – you can’t pour from an empty cup

Burnout takes a long time to recover from and it affects your mental health. So stay resilient and you business and life will benefit from it. 

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