Are you looking for a quick way to destress and improve your ability to handle life’s challenges? Well the newly upgraded Pebble by SENSATE claims to do that for you in 10 minutes a day.

SENSATE is a wearable device that uses patent pending technology to stimulate your vagus nerve through chest vibrations. Manufactured by Bioself Technology in the UK, they claim that SENSATE is a world-first wearable device which decelerates stress in real-time. I don’t think that’s quite true as the original Neuvana VNS device dates back to 2016. But the fact is that consumer grade Vagus Nerve Stimulation is here to stay, and has the potential to seriously improve wellbeing for millions in these times of uncertainty.

The new and improved SENSATE Pebble II
The new and improved SENSATE Pebble II with its companion app.

This upgraded Sensate Pebble looks much the same as the first one. There’s no visible button on the new version, instead there is a depression on the left hand side which powers the device, combined with a rather nifty looking LED “stripe” across the front that indicates status and battery level. It feels solid and has a rubberised surface to stop it sliding about. You charge it with a rather old school micro USB port at the bottom, and there’s a ring at the top to attach your lanyard if you want to use it sitting or standing up.

So how does Sensate work? The vibrations on your chest are designed to stimulate your Vagus Nerve. This nerve links your brain to your vital organs and is essential in regulating how you respond to, and how you recover from stressful situations. If you want to know more about the Vagus Nerve then please check out the link to my Vagus Nerve video. Whilst Vagus Nerve stimulation is still relatively new consumer tech, Vagus Nerve stimulation has been a practice for millennia. The two oldest examples of vibrational vagus nerve stimulation are Chinese QiGong, where chest knocking has been used to open the lungs, and chanting which also promotes wellbeing and potentially higher states of consciousness if you’re in to that sort of thing.

The sensation of the vibration on your chest is calming and strangely comforting. You can adjust the intensity of the vibrations but even at the highest setting it’s still comfortable. The vibrations kind of follow the music on the audio programmes, like punctuation marks.

The rubberised coating works well to keep the SENSATE Pebble in place when you are lying down
The rubberised coating works well to keep the SENSATE Pebble in place when you are lying down

It’s a little like watching a movie with a subwoofer, where you can feel the bass rather than hear it. The great thing is that this focuses your attention on the vibrations, and so rather than the music just being pleasant background noise, it immerses you and you find yourself right inside the soundscape. I’ve been using the Sensate daily for a week now, testing it in a couple of ways. Firstly, just having it round my neck whilst I’m working. I’ve used it whilst on calls with the music off and also just as I’m doing some work, listening to the music whilst I’m concentrating.

I’ve also used it lying down for 10 minutes before going to sleep, and I have found this use to be particularly effective. In fact I’ve fallen asleep with it still in my chest a number of times. It’s actually a great way to shut down after a busy day.

I’ve been using it for about a week and so far I’m impressed. I’ve not used it long enough to see measurable differences in my heart rate variability, so you’ll need to check back for my 30 day review to see that.

But on first impressions this system gets my thumbs up in that it seems to provide a positive boost to wellbeing without really needing to do anything particularly different to your day. So if you’ve tried meditation or Heartmath and couldn’t get in to it, then perhaps this is the device to you, with just one caveat.

The improved Sensate Pebble is currently on Indiegogo at the introductory price of £182. But at some point this is going up to £299, and it does feel like a lot of money at that price point.

Devices like the Neuvana Xen do retail at more than that and I have the data to recommend that, so please come back for my in-depth 30 day review to see whether I think that it’s worth that extra money.

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